When do you need individual coaching?

In some cases, individual coaching is more recommendable than group mentoring. Here are some common situations, where individual sessions are particularly effective:

  • You are looking for the right business idea

Your future business has to make you happy and earn you a living. It will make you happy if it is in line with your strengths, interests, values, and long-term vision. It will earn you a living if it responds to the needs of your target clients and if they are willing to pay for what you offer. Individual coaching walks you through a self-discovery process to identify which types of business can make you happy. Once this is clear to you, the next step is to explore different business ideas and understand whether they may have success potential. Through this guided process, you will get clarity, learn the basics of doing business, and feel ready to take action.

  • You feel very confused or demotivated

Sometimes, during the process of developing your business, you may get to a point, where you lose direction or motivation, and you feel lost. The more you hear from different people (your friends, your partner, or other entrepreneurs), the more confused and helpless you feel. In these cases, it is a good idea to have a unique sparring partner, who is able to look at your specific challenges and provide guidance from an independent and professional point of view. We will analyze the reasons behind your current situation, explore different way-out options for your business, and identify the small steps you can take to regain control of your business and the happiness to run it.

  • You prefer to just focus on your business

Group coaching is great for learning and getting feedback from others, but it requires your willingness to “give back”, by offering your support and time to others. If you feel the need to focus exclusively on your business and work intensively to make progress quickly, individual business coaching might be preferable. Starting from your current challenges and objectives, we analyze your business model (your offer, your value proposition, your target clients, your marketing strategy, etc.), we identify where there is scope for improvement or a need for a change, and we decide which steps you need to take and in which order.

  • You have a problem with your business partner

Problems with a business partner can hurt you and your business. When you feel something is “not right”, it’s the time to deal with the situation, before it’s too late. In these cases, an external business-savvy mediator can avoid a discussion to take the wrong path and end up in a catastrophe. You and your business partner explain your problems and your points of view in separate meetings, then we analyze together the conflicting points as well as the areas where there is a common vision, we discuss possible solutions to your problems, and we agree on a way forward. You receive clear directions on your next steps, you take action, and we all meet a final time to assess progress and make the necessary adjustments.

Book a free discovery call

If you can recognize yourself in one of the situations above or if there is another reason why you feel the need of individual coaching, please contact us to book a free, 20 minutes discovery call with Gretel. In this call, you will explain your problem or situation and Gretel will tell you whether she can help you and how. There are different coaching packages available and you can ask for guidance to choose among these options. You can then take your time to decide. Coaching sessions can be in person (in Bern) or online.

Examples of coaching packages:

  • Two sessions of 90 minutes each: Fr. 480
  • Six sessions of 60 minutes each: Fr. 900
  • “On demand” 60 minutes sessions: Fr. 180 each