This morning, during the “5 minutes with Gretel” live video on my Facebook page, I asked my interviewee, Ariane Leanza Heinz, what to do when you feel stuck and you cannot decide how to move forward. Ariane shared her tips with us and I could not agree more:

  1. Get your confusion on paper
  2. Write down a list of things that you can put in action
  3. Decide on one (only one!) thing you can do that day / week and… guess what… do it!

The reason why this works is that taking action is the only way of getting out of a situation, where you are “trapped” into your thoughts. Taking action gives you important inputs, so you can move forward with the next action… until you identify the right direction.

Nevertheless, thinking at my own experience, I have to add one important ingredient to Ariane’s recipe. The missing ingredient is “input and feedback from other people”. As I briefly mentioned during the interview, I felt stuck at least twice in the last 5 years. The first time, about 5 years ago, I knew I wanted to start an independent activity, but I didn’t know which direction to take. The second time, last year, I had already started my business, but I realized it wasn’t working as I wished, and, once again, I didn’t know how to take a decision on how to move forward.

The first time, I took my decision almost in isolation, with only my husband and a couple of friends as “sparring partners”. It took me 3 years to decide. The second time, I asked for help and feedback to the right people and in the right way and it took me just a few months to get clear on my direction and to move on. Here is what I did in detail.

My problem was that my business model was not sustainable, as I was making very little money in relation to all the hours of work I was putting into my business. This is not surprising, because I had started this initiative as a way to help others and not as a way of earning a living, but I felt it was time to make the shift from hobby to business. I had thought about possible options to change my business model, but I wasn’t sure I had considered all good options and I didn’t know how to make a decision anyway.

Hence, in November 2016 I organized a brainstorming and I invited 7 women, who I considered brilliant and business savvy. I asked them to do some exercises and to answer some questions about possible ways to develop my business. We brainstormed for half day. At the end, I felt tired and overwhelmed, but I had gained many new ideas, which I could have never thought of by myself. Based on these ideas, in December I prepared a survey for my potential clients, asking them to express their preferences on new services that I could develop. I got more than 100 answers. Based on these answers, I identified what my “ideal clients” needed the most. By early January, I was much clearer about what I had to do, but my to-do list was definitely too long and I didn’t know how to tackle it. Luckily, the law of attraction worked for me: my business coach invited me to a “Mastermind Day” on January 2017 with other entrepreneurs. I got there knowing what I needed to do, but very confused on how to tackle the big mountain I had in front of me. When I left at the end of the day, I was crystal clear on my next steps: I chose one specific target group, I decided to offer an online course, and I identified the topic. I felt so light on the train back home and in the next weeks I took action to reach my objectives.

In conclusion:

Time to take a decision in semi-isolation, only with partner and friends as input givers: 3 years.

Time to take a decision in a structured way, with like-minded people and ideal clients as input givers: 3 months.

Are you unsure or confused on your next steps? Well, you are lucky. The law of attraction works for you as well. Our Swiss Business is a community of women, who are there to support you. Check out our services and events.

Take action. Move forward.

You can do it:-)


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