Our Swiss Business Day

Bern, 21.03.2018

Our Swiss Business organized this event to celebrate all women, who have already embarked on the journey of developing their own business, or are thinking to get onboard.

We know it… Developing a business can be a lonely and difficult journey: doubts, fears, drops in motivation, an overall sense of being alone in an expedition to climb a steep mountain are common feelings among solo entrepreneurs. This is why Our Swiss Business was born: to create a community of mutually supportive women, and to provide each single community member with answers and guidance on how to develop a successful business.

10 ladies decided to come and celebrate themselves and all other courageous people around them, learn about business, have fun, and experience the power of group work and brainstorming. During the evening, Gretel, helped by our supporter Eva Marekova, walked the participants through some basic ingredients for a successful business, led some useful exercises to create a strong value proposition and attract the right clients, allowed the participants to get feedback from each other on their most pressing challenges, and introduced Destination Business, our new group mentoring program.