Newsletter 02.03.2016

Dear Businesswomen-to-be,

Today we celebrate the first month since Our Swiss Business went online (02.02.2016)!! I am happy about what we have achieved thus far and I would like to thank you for contributing to it.

The biggest effort in this first phase is spreading the word out there about Our Swiss Business and reaching some of the hundreds/thousands of women in Switzerland, who have the potential of becoming brilliant businesswomen, despite, in many cases, having never thought about it before. Only with a “critical mass” of registered, motivated women we can organize successful brainstorming events and offer you the opportunity of finding the right business partner(s).

This is why we have lined up a series of events, to inform and motivate women like you. You are invited to any of these; just let me know by replying to this email, which one you would like to attend. Please invite your friends as well!!


31.03.2016, Bern

Become A Smiler:-) Take Action!

Please register before 20.03.2016 by replying to this email.


10.04.2016, Zürich

Women’s Expo Switzerland 2016

If you would like to visit the Expo, meet us and be inspired by many businesswomen from all over Switzerland, get your free ticket here

IMPORTANT: is any of you willing to help me out during the expo? Two / three people are better than one to network efficiently!! (I have just ordered nice T-Shirts and caps with our logoJ)


09.06.2016, Zürich

Event (title TBC) hosted by the American Women’s Club of Zurich and organized by the Professional American Women Zurich. Small entrance fee TBD.

If you would like to participate, send me an email and I will ask the organizers to save a seat for you.


Moreover, we are working to build partnerships with other companies/organizations/associations devoted to helping women develop themselves professionally. In this way, we aim at reaching a bigger audience and offering more and better services to all of you, by collaborating with others instead of starting from scratch.

We are currently in touch with, the Professional American Women Zurich, the Professional Women Group of Zurich, and others… I will let you know what we are up to in the next newsletter…

Do you know of any groups/associations/organizations all over Switzerland we may benefit from contacting? Please let me know!


Thanks again for your interest in Our Swiss Business and I am looking forward to hearing from you!


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