Become A Smiler:-) Take Action! Bern, 31.03.2016

“BASTA” is the Italian word to say “that’s enough!”, “stop it!”,  “I can’t stand this anymore!!”

If you have ever said this word (translated in your own language) in relation to your professional situation (unemployed? underemployed? unsatisfied? unhappy?), then come to our casual and funny event. I will tell you how you can change the original meaning of BASTA!  into “Become A Smiler:-) Take Action!”, by joining Our Swiss Business.

Please note: Our Swiss Business is an initiative for women


31.03.2016 from 18.00 to 19.00


Innere Enge Hotel or Marians Café (the nice Café right outside the hotel), Engestrasse 54,3012 Bern. The exact location depends on the number of participants (I will let you know).

A limited number of parking spaces is available right next to the hotel. Please use public transportation.



Send an email to no later than 20.03.2016

How much?

The event is free. You’ll just pay what you drink/eat.

And then?

After the event, you can stay and enjoy some jazz at the Jazztent (once again, free admission, just pay what you drink or eat).


Want to read first what Our Swiss Business is about? Click here

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