My very personal WOW! day

Yesterday, Friday 13.01.2017, was an important day for me. I decided to go through the experience of a “Mastermind Day” for women in business.

What is it? Well, it’s very similar to the brainstorming events that I organize.  I joined it for two main reasons:

  1. I wanted to experience what it means to be in the “hot seat”, meaning that you explain what your main challenges and questions about your business are and you have a full group of highly committed women-in-business, as well as a business-savvy facilitator, giving you answers, solutions, opinions, ideas. Since I am offering the same kind of events (although organized and delivered “in my own way”), I felt it was imperative for me to get a sense of what is like to be a participant, instead of a facilitator.
  1. I wanted to get more clarity on what my next steps are and where I am heading to with Our Swiss Business. As you might know, I have already taken some important steps in this direction. I organized my personal “brainstorming event” with a group of business professionals, who gave me inputs about the many possible directions I might take with my business, and I worked on a survey, which is still circulating as I write, to better understand the needs of my target group. What I got from these two initiatives is a lot of ideas and options, but I now felt the need to understand where to start, and which concrete steps to take.


This is what I took home with me at the end of the day:

  • Although I already had a sense of the valuable experience lived by participants to Our Swiss Business brainstorming events from the high appreciation levels reported in the feedback forms, I have now no doubts that this format is just incredibly powerful. In just 30 minutes time of sitting in the hot seat, I could look at my business from a different perspective and I had an honest feedback from the other participants about what I am planning and on the best way to deliver it. Plus, I learned a lot from other people’s business challenges (e.g. launching a new online service, finding the best-selling tagline, building a “sales funnel” to convert readers into clients, etc.). To summarize it in one word… WOW!
  • Second, I got what I was looking for: from a long list of possible services, I decided to start with just one or two. These services are the ones that, based on the survey, are most needed by my target group (and my target group is made of the people I care the most about… “women in transition”, looking for professional satisfaction after a period of professional unhappiness). That’s what you can expect me to deliver in the next months. With time, I will add more services, but I had to start from somewhere and I wasn’t able to see what for the mastermind group members was so clear. I just had to answer two easy questions to get clarity on my next steps: who do you want to help the most with your business? What do these women need, which you can deliver rather easily and in a short time?

Thank you Sigrun, Alma, Daniela, Elin, Irene, Julia, Patricia, Sabine, and Uta for a powerful day!

What do they say about doctors? Doctors are so good at helping others, but so poor patients of themselves. That’s why they ask another doctor to take care of them…  The same is true for business people: you cannot trust yourself too much! You’re too much into your own personal situation or business to see it clearly.  30-min feedback from others will give you much more clarity than 30 days of individual thinking.

I am sure that sharing my own experience of participating to a Mastermind Day will be helpful for some of you. By the way, I have also made the decision that in the future I am going to talk to you about the process of creating and developing my own business. I am convinced (well… not only me: more influential people like Gary Vaynerchuk think the same) that documenting the process of developing my own business is likely more important to you than offering ready-to-use solutions. In business there are no silver bullets, you have to constantly consider different alternatives and choose the one that you think will work best for you in that particular moment. So, I am going to share with you what my challenges are and how I go about them. Like I did today, telling you how I got out of the overwhelming feeling of having to create 100 different products and services and not knowing where to start.

Now it’s your turn. Check out Our Swiss Business planned events to experience Your personal WOW day!