Zurich Brainstorming (October 2016): we are so proud!

With our recent brainstorming event, Our Swiss Business planted the first seeds in the Zurich area. If you wonder what you missed just read ahead.

Following the call to “Create your Dream Job”, eight curious and brave ladies representing the countries of Mongolia, Italy, China, Mexico, Colombia, Finland/Palestine, Switzerland, and Poland/Germany joined us on a Saturday for some serious brainstorming. We met in a modern and comfortable space, located in a lively neighborhood (Flexbreite in Wiedikon). Isabelle and I could not wait to meet in person all these women, which we felt we knew already, as we had spent the weekend before discussing how to best support each of them reaching their goals for the day.

The very personal approach during event preparation (including a phone call and email exchanges with all in the weeks preceding the event) was clearly a winning choice: participants immediately felt in a safe environment, as they had already talked to one of us, they knew what to expect, and they had read a briefing about all other participants. On our side, we had a very clear picture of what each participant was looking for and had thought about the best approach for each individual case. So, after a few welcoming and introductory words…







… we started working, divided into two groups. Each participant immediately experienced the power of brainstorming:  high level of concentration, individual thinking, creative ideas shared with the group, and in-depth discussions, facilitated by either Isabelle or myself. When we felt a shortage of energy, cold and hot drinks, chocolate, croissants and fruit were available for us. At lunchtime, we had a well-deserved break in a nice Lebanese restaurant, where tasty food was already waiting for us, and we had the opportunity to chat and relax.

The afternoon was dedicated to the understanding and application of a slightly modified version of the “Business Model Canvas”, a simple but powerful tool to analyse business ideas, quickly recognize their success potential, and identify where more thinking is needed. Most participants found this exercise very useful. As we approached the end of the day, we reorganized the brainstorming groups according to the maturity of the business ideas and we asked each person to choose a specific topic for the group to discuss. The last 15 minutes were dedicated to the feedback forms.











What did the participants get from this event?

Here is a selection of participants’ messages to Isabelle and me soon after the day’s end:

“Thank you for the great workshop! A sign of a good day is going home tired but full of new motivation”

“I learned how to work with different ideas / how to choose the most realistic idea”

“I particularly liked the exchange / networking with others; the introduction toBusiness Model Canvas; the great atmosphere”

“It was an intensive but very inspiring day. You two have worked wonderfully! […] I have gained a lot: not only the possible business ideas, but also the enthusiasm I could see and feel from other women in the two groups. In other words, I felt the positive energy, which I missed during all my years of being away from the professional field. Therefore my thanks to you two is sincere and honest”.

“Thank you for all the effort in organizing and carrying out this event. I am happy with the outcome so far and you should know that this has helped me in the particular situation I am facing at this point in my career. I hope to be in touch again and continue the fruitful exchange”.


Thank you ladies for a great day… and see you soon!

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