Who will you meet at the brainstorming events in Zurich?

We want you to benefit as much as possible from the brainstorming events, we want you to achieve your objectives! This is why we have a whole team supporting you, a team made of professionals in different areas. Here we are:

Gretelimg_3621-small is the founder of Our Swiss Business and is active as community manager, brainstorming and mastermind groups’ facilitator. Before founding Our Swiss Business, she worked many years in international development organizations, where she led projects from conception to implementation, both independently and as a team leader. She strongly believes in connecting people’s minds to create powerful ideas and overcome individual challenges. She is a good listener, but she also knows how to push people into action. She will be present at both brainstorming events.


Isabelle is a learning consultant and project manager, supporting competency development for marketing and sales in a leading multinational engineering company. She works with diverse businesses to develop their value proposition, facilitates workshops and supports organizations and individuals in their development. She is passionate about self-empowerment and promoting female leadership qualities. Isabelle is a critical thinker who enjoys challenges and encourages pursuing personal and professional growth by stepping out of your comfort zone. She will be present as facilitator at both brainstorming events.


Gudrun has more than 30 years of international experience in Product and Marketing Management. She is experienced in business creation and launching products. She used to work in Germany, the Netherlands and since 1995 in Switzerland. Gudrun is running her own business with Marketing Services for a variety of branches (Lighting, Food, Tourism, Construction, NGOs, etc.).  During the 12.11 brainstorming event for small business owners, she will be pleased to provide feedback on Business Creation, Concept, Planning and Realization.

ellieEllie is a Brand Consultant and Copywriter, working with businesses to accelerate their growth, connect with their audiences with a heart-felt approach and represent a brand, which is aligned with their values and personality. Ellie has over 10 years of corporate experience in Finance, Project and People Management and Training. She started her online business and is specializing in empowering entrepreneurs to create a brand from the inside out. During the 12.11 brainstorming for small business owners, she will provide valuable feedback on branding, connecting with audiences, copywriting and related topics.

 Beabeatrice_wespi_3trice is your partner, when it comes to providing you with the relevant information to start your business with the right foot. She has know-how in founding a company, web presence, marketing, finance, insurance and legal issues – and she likes leading women across their borders. She will provide consultancy via skype to those participants, who sign up for it at the brainstorming event on 12.11.