First brainstorming event: high fives! …and next? NEWSLETTER 25.06.2015

Dear ladies,

here we are with Our Swiss Business third newsletter!

What has happened in the last few weeks?

Our Swiss Business hosted its first Brainstorming event on 11.06 in Bern and I am proud to say that it was very successful.

Seven women originally coming from seven countries distributed in four continents (Australia, Germany, Latvia, Nigeria, South Africa, Switzerland, and USA) joined the event – rather impressive! We had a mix of women with a small running business, women with a well-defined business idea, and women looking for business ideas. We discussed business ideas and business strategies in the areas of food and beverages, tourism, event management, consultancy services, and wellbeing.

Each participant was the focus of a brainstorming session for half hour and received one-tFoto per NL_2o- one consultancy from our partner Beatrice Wespi for another half hour. In the rest of the time, people provided valuable feedback, insights, and ideas to help other participants. In so doing, they had fun and learnt lots that would be useful for their own business. Feedback forms revealed a high level of satisfaction of participants for both the brainstorming and the consultancy! Thank you to all attendants. If you are interested to see more about this event, go to


Earlier, on 17. May, I was invited by the International Club Bern to talk about Women and Business in CH and introduce Our Swiss Business to a group of international and Swiss people interested in creating their own business, or, more broadly, in finding happiness and satisfaction in their professional lives. We had a very open discussion that I found enriching and full of ideas to better support women. Once again, thanks to all people who attended this event and who will attend similar events in the future: without you, it would be very difficult for me to get the pulse of your needs and wishes and to propose useful initiatives.


What’s next?



The next informational event that you may want to attend to know more about Our Swiss Business will take place on 06.07.2016 in Zürich: Building a Business in Switzerland made easier.

Where: American Women’s Club of Zürich Main Event Room
Time:   6:30 pm- Welcome Apèro
7:00 pm Speech/ Q&A

8:00 pm Wine, Appetizers and Networking
Hosted by: Professional American Women of Zürich networking group (PAWZ)

Cost:   10CHF PAWZ Members/ 15CHF Non-Members

If you would like to participate, please contact Hollyn Keller (

From September

Something that came out of past get-togethers is that, in many cases, regular meetings would be beneficial to women, who are developing their businesses. Exchanging ideas, receiving feedback on specific questions, supporting each other, keeping each other accountable on actions taken to reach your goals would help many people, who otherwise would need to work in isolation and risk to lose motivation and drive along the difficult way of developing a business. That is why I am launching a new initiative, the so-called Mastermind Groups. We have a couple of spaces available for a mastermind group starting in early September in Bern. If you would like to attend a Mastermind Group in Bern or elsewhere, please contact me. As soon as we have enough people from the same city, we can start. If you want to know more, read here

In September I will also run a survey among all of you to set priorities on other types of initiatives that would benefit you. Stay tuned! Examples are thematic workshops on specific needs (e.g. financing options for your business, preparing a business plan, marketing strategies, information around legal/tax/insurance aspects, etc.), as well as concrete ways to help you find a business partner, if you are looking for one.

October / November

The next brainstorming events are planned on 29.10 and 12.11 in Zurich. These dates are very likely but not 100% sure yet – I will confirm late August/early September. Each event targets a different audience (business ideas seekers and small business owners). I am very happy to welcome Isabelle and Nadja, two professionals based in Zurich, who believe in Our Swiss Business and have offered me their support in organizing this event. Many thanks!! If you also would like to help, please let me know. Or simply book these dates if you are thinking to attend this event. I will give you more information and send you a link for registration right after the summer break.


Enjoy the summer and I will get back to you in September.