Destination Business – Group mentoring program

What is Destination Business?

Destination Business is an innovative and flexible program, where a small group of women meets regularly, under the guidance of a business mentor, to discuss challenges and find successful solutions for their small business.

Destination Business offers a combination of:

  • Brainstorming with other women
  • Feedback and learning and from each other
  • Mentoring and step-by-step guidance from a business mentor
  • Peer accountability and support

Who is it for?

Destination Business is for all women, whose objective is to explore the feasibility of a business idea, create a successful business, or obtain better results from an existing activity. If you have a fuzzy business idea and aren’t sure how to develop it further, you are taking your first steps towards setting up your independent activity but you see challenges behind every corner, or you have been running your business for some time but you don’t see the results that you would like, this is right for you.

What is the format?

Most women entrepreneurs recognize that they need expert guidance, peer support and accountability to develop their business. If you feel the same, you may have realized that available options do not fulfil your needs: 1-1 business mentoring can be expensive, online programs and trainings are likely to make you feel lonely in your entrepreneurial journey, and mastermind groups, if existing in your city, with their mandatory meetings are not as flexible as you would like.

Destination Business is different: it combines the power of a group brainstorming with the clarity and guidance of a business mentor, at a reasonable price. Moreover, it is totally flexible. You have a membership valid for 6 meetings and can freely choose when to attend them, within a year time. Every month you have the option to attend up to two meetings. You can go at a fast pace and get full guidance and support in 3 months, or decide to mostly work by yourself and attend a meeting only when you feel the need of feedback and guidance on your next steps.

It’s your business, it’s your life. You decide how fast and with how much support you want to go.

Want to know more? Download Destination Business Terms and Conditions

Read what participants say about Destination Business

The last meeting with the group was excellent! Thank you girls – was great meeting you all! I appreciate the way you structure the discussions and the brainstorming. It feels so efficient and every time I come to a clear conclusion. All feedbacks from the group members were very helpful and the working atmosphere felt inspiring. It was also helpful to have clarified the next step to take. I definitely recommend it!

DanielaMentor and therapist for healthy couple relationships

Thank you very much for the consulting. It helped me a lot! The atmosphere in the group makes you feel free to speak. So you can think about your ideas and receive feedbacks live. It motivates!!!

PatriciaIndependent lawyer and legal consultant

Thank you so much for your work at the Destination Business meetings. It was a great experience to share with other group members the ideas that are not working so good in our business plan and quickly, find many creative and viable solutions. Your entrepreneurship background is a valuable support to mentoring us to choose the right way

PriscilaDeveloping an e-commerce site for cosmetics

Thank you for a great meeting! I was so inspired by everyone there and so grateful for the support and very helpful ideas.  I know my situation is complicated and you all helped me to see things more clearly and I feel now I have a starting point!  Meeting with a group of talented, intelligent and supportive women is really helping me to find a new path in life and it really is a pleasure to meet up and brainstorm to help each other!! Many thanks to all you lovely ladies.

CatherineStarting an interior design business

Join us for a trial session

For the time being, Destination Business meetings take place only in Bern (3 minutes walking from the train station), twice a month. You can experience one trial session (CHF 70) and then decide whether you would like to join the program. Please send an email to to know the dates of the next sessions. Would you like Destination Business in your city? Contact us and we can help each other to make it happen!