Business Ideas Brainstorming

29.10.2016 / 9:30 am – 5:30 pm

Register by: 22.10.2016 at 12.00 (noon)

Flex Kalkbreite, Kalkbreitestrasse 6, 8003 Zürich


This event is meant for:

– Women, who would like to start a business, but have no clearly defined business ideas in their area(s) of interest.

– Women, who already have one/some business ideas at the initial conception phase.


This event aims at helping you find the “right” business idea to implement, or refine your initial idea, which can evolve from the conception stage to the next level. Joining this event will allow you benefiting from other participants’ creativity and experience. Moreover, you may be particularly lucky and meet your future business partner or collaborator.


The day is organized in two main parts:

  1. Business ideas generation /refining

We form one or more groups, depending on the number of participants. Each group member helps all other come up with potential business ideas, or develop their initial business concepts, as follows:

Finding new business ideas

Initially, the focus is on producing as many ideas as possible, there is no discussion/evaluation of individual ideas, crazy ideas are welcome (this phase is called “divergent zone”). Then the group decides upon a few “selection criteria” and quickly evaluates all ideas generated, in order to select a few for further analysis (this second phase is called “convergent zone”).

Refining a business concept

If you already have a specific business idea, the group helps you analyse it through the SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats). Then we brainstorm on ways to modify the initial idea to overcome its weaknesses, face the threats and/or take advantage of the opportunities.

       2. Business ideas analysis using the BUSINESS CANVAS

We make a short presentation and an example of a business canvas, to explain you how to work with it. We form new, smaller groups. Each group chooses one of the previously selected ideas and analyses it through the business canvas. At the end, each group presents its analysis and we freely discuss. Should your most preferred idea not be selected for further analysis, no worries: the main objective of the exercise is to train you in the use of the business canvas and to help you understand what important aspects need to be considered in evaluating a business idea. You can then repeat the business canvas exercise at home with your favorite business concept.

Before the event

After your registration and until few days before the event, each of you has about 30 min Skype conversation with the brainstorming facilitator(s). This has the objective of clearly understanding your current situation, interests and, eventually, business ideas, in order to plan the brainstorming and organize the groups in the most useful way for you and the other.


For this event, we apply the “pay what you want” policy. You can read here how it works. The “fair price” has been calculated in Chf 120. This includes:

  • Pre-event skype call
  • Facilitation during the meeting
  • Room rental and material
  • 2 coffee breaks
  • Lunch in a nearby brasserie or restaurant

Registration and cancellation

If you would like to register to this event or cancel your registration you need to log in. Then go to > My Profile > Event Registration


LATE CANCELLATIONS (UNTIL 26.10.2016): late cancellation fee of CHF 60

LAST MINUTE CANCELLATIONS (AFTER 26.10.2016) OR NO-SHOW: no-show fee of CHF 120.


If we cannot set up a brainstorming group that is suitable to your needs, we will let you know shortly after the registration deadline and you will have the possibility to cancel your registration within 48 hours without financial implications.