Brainstorming on business solutions (Zurich, 29.01.2017)

On Sunday, 29.01.2017 the third Our Swiss Business brainstorming event took place in Zurich. The three participants (2 from Italy, one from the UK) were at the initial stages of business development: either working towards business launch, or trying to get to the “next level” with their business after one or two years.

Why did Alessandra, Ilaria and Patricia register to the event?

Alessandra: “I joined the workshop to network with other aspiring entrepreneurs and obtain advice to determine the direction of my own business”

Ilaria: “To get more ideas on improving/boosting my business”

Patricia: “I decided to participate as I knew I needed ideas on how to market my business better”.


How did the half-day go?

This time the format was a bit different from past brainstorming events: less participants, more focused discussion on each single business case. We had three overarching topics: marketing (how to get more clients), website development / improvement, and business mindset/motivation.

This is the participants’ feedback:



Alessandra: “I spent the day together with inspiring women who are in the process to expand their businesses and were eager to help with mine. We shared our fears of what may hold us back and pushed each other to take our business to the next level by discussing ideas and sharing constructive criticism. I left feeling more focused and determined to make it work.”

Patricia: “I definitely gained. I now realize I need to increase my prices and not be afraid to do so. I was thankful for the insight from the three mothers attending and know what specifically to work on regarding the wording of my website to attract the right clients”.

Ilaria: [what I liked the most]: “1. Sharing ideas with participants; 2. Encouragement on my business; 3. Positive approach; 4. Ideas on using socials (Facebook)”

Gretel (yes, I was a participant myself): “I loved seeing the three ladies gradually getting more focused, motivated and energized. I also loved seeing them so eager to support each other. Personally, I gained a lot of valuable feedback on this new event format and I now know what I can do better next time”




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