A personal and professional growth story

Inspirational event, 15.05.2018, Bern

On 15.05.2018, our Bern-based community met at Impact Hub to be inspired by a woman, who recently embraced a brand new professional life.

Our Swiss Business member Bing Xie Frigerio has an educational background in Finance and Economics. After working more than ten years in financial services and six years in development finance in China and Europe, she landed in Switzerland in 2012. Soon after giving birth to her son, she realized she had to reinvent herself professionally. In October 2016, she attended an Our Swiss Business brainstorming event and she got the push she needed: in the following year, she embarked on a new personal as well as professional growth journey. At the beginning of 2018, she, together with her business partner, founded ChinaSpeaks AG.

Bing shared with us her personal journey of self-development. She unveiled how she went through a period of life transition from landing in a foreign country to step by step finding her own way in terms of life and career development. After her talk, the participants shared their own stories, what they were looking for, and how they were taking action.