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8 Tips to test your new product or service

When I first thought about doing a beta-test of my new online course “From Your Passion to Your Business”, I wasn’t sure it was the right thing to do. I knew this process would have taken at least a month, I had no idea about the quality of the feedback I could receive from people […]

Brainstorming on business solutions (Zurich, 29.01.2017)

On Sunday, 29.01.2017 the third Our Swiss Business brainstorming event took place in Zurich. The three participants (2 from Italy, one from the UK) were at the initial stages of business development: either working towards business launch, or trying to get to the “next level” with their business after one or two years. Why did […]

My very personal WOW! day

Yesterday, Friday 13.01.2017, was an important day for me. I decided to go through the experience of a “Mastermind Day” for women in business. What is it? Well, it’s very similar to the brainstorming events that I organize.  I joined it for two main reasons: I wanted to experience what it means to be in […]

Zurich Brainstorming (October 2016): we are so proud!

With our recent brainstorming event, Our Swiss Business planted the first seeds in the Zurich area. If you wonder what you missed just read ahead. Following the call to “Create your Dream Job”, eight curious and brave ladies representing the countries of Mongolia, Italy, China, Mexico, Colombia, Finland/Palestine, Switzerland, and Poland/Germany joined us on a Saturday for some […]

Who will you meet at the brainstorming events in Zurich?

We want you to benefit as much as possible from the brainstorming events, we want you to achieve your objectives! This is why we have a whole team supporting you, a team made of professionals in different areas. Here we are: Gretel is the founder of Our Swiss Business and is active as community manager, brainstorming […]

What type of complainer are you?

It has been a while since I wrote my last article about “How can brainstorming help your business?” I have been thinking for quite some time about the next business-related topic that could be interesting for you, but today I decided to talk about something different. This is not business-related, it is human-related, although it […]

How can brainstorming help your business?

In the last article, we talked about ways to generate ideas for your business and we mentioned brainstorming as one powerful method. This time we would like to better analyse the multiple benefits of brainstorming. We start with a simple question: what is brainstorming? There are multiple definitions, but we particularly like this one: “Brainstorming […]

Newsletter 03.05.2016

Dear ladies, You are about to discover what we have been cooking in April, which will be ready to enjoy in the next few weeks. We had a stand at the Women’s Expo on 10th April, which was very well attended by interested (and very interesting!) women. A lot of curiosity about each other, questions […]